Alison Dupernex

Alison’s aim is to make a work of art to wear, with the choice of colour and yarn texture being vital components to gain this result. She is continually searching out small selected quantities of yarn from individual merchants in Italy, in Japan as well as in the UK, and specialises in the use of natural fibres; which she also gets dyed to her specific requirements.

Alison mixes cashmere, linen, cotton and silk in an alchemy of colour and texture to provide a unique experience for every customer. Alison has supplied specialist luxury goods galleries and shops in the United Kingdom, the USA and Japan for a number of years.

Her knitwear has been featured in the designer room at Liberty of London, and her patterns have been widely published, most recently in Vogue Knitting. She is also a published author – the Beginners Guide to Knitting – which has been featured at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Start To Knit which encourages children to do just that and Beautiful Knits For Heads Hands And Toes for every accessory you could want.

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