Barbara Shaw

Barbara Shaw

I create art in textiles, hand-stitching small pieces of fabric together in layers to produce unique collages. I ‘sketch’ with material so my work is a spontaneous interpretation of the subject. Since my initial experiments, the process of construction has become more sophisticated with a confident use of materials and an artist’s trained eye. My style of work is Impressionist as I interpret the essence of a subject. Viewers are drawn in to examine the thread detail but also appreciate the bigger image.

I have stitched a variety of pictures including still lives, landscapes, artefacts, fora and fauna and buildings.  I was Artist -in-Residence at NT Chastleton House (2014) and NT Claydon House (2015). In 2016 I had a piece of work in an exhibition in Parliament and eight pictures in an exhibition on an Arctic theme in the Oxford Museum of Natural History. In 2017 I had my first solo exhibition at Claydon Estate, Buckinghamshire where I displayed sixty pieces of art.

To ensure authenticity, research plays an integral part in the process of constructing a picture and is essential for capturing detail.

Original work is available to buy and I am happy to accept commissions.  Cards of my images can be ordered from: and a range of products with my designs on are available from


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