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Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1996 I have been working as a glass artist. From my workshop near Kingham Oxfordshire I produce kiln formed glass sculptures, which ranges from small pieces for home interiors to large scale outdoor works to public and private commission. From my workshop I take great pride in providing a personal bespoke service, creating original stunning sculptural pieces for Home & Garden in addition to works for Gallery Exhibition. The main themes of my work are figurative, particularly with reference to the environment, whether that is our own Home surroundings, Public Space, or our impact on the environments we encounter. I am particularly interested in our relationship with environments. This maybe memories and emotional associations to the places, objects and spaces around us or the impact we have on these places. Each one-off piece of glass is hand modelled; cast and polished giving each piece a precious quiet elegance. Drawings and images from life are translated into glass sheets, floated in blocks of liquid glass or hand enamelled, suggesting that they have been captured for posterity, giving them an airy ethereal quality, a feeling of preservation.

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